About us

JD-Shore was initially started as a clothing store to fill the gap as a reasonably priced alternative that still maintains the same level of fashion trends. As we conducted our research into the market, we soon realized how expensive clothing, a basic need, has become. It did not only stop at clothing, everything in fact has become extremely expensive in a short space of time, and it doesn't help that we only have a limited number of independent stores.

After all the depressing matters mentioned above, JD-Shore sets out to give the consumer a better alternative. We are not just a clothing shop, but we are a supplier of any product you need, e.g. gadgets, custom-made, homeware, hardware, etc. If it's not on our website, we can always get it for you at a reasonable price.

We strive to give the best and personal customer service possible and, should you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.